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Posted By: Des on: 09/23/2006 04:03:47 ET
Subject: RE: 2003 UB 313 and it's influences on the world

Message Detail:
Probably it seems to you that the exposing of my views is bit dogmatic, but it is only because I'm pretty sure of them. Nevertheless, I'm avoiding phrases like «in my opinion» or «it seems to me that», only because I don't want to bore you or any other who read. I don't expect that my hypotheses will be espoused promptly, rather I expect controversies, like with any new big thing. And big, as a matter of fact it is, the influence of outer planets on our planet and humanity. No need to haste with precocious conclusions, but, on the other hand, we are not scientists, and we don't have to be so cautious, either.

I don't think that we have to worry about how many planets are going to be discovered, because now already we have all the twelve major planets, with their concrete influence. And in case that some new planet emerges it will surely have characteristics akin to already known planets, just like Quaoar and Orcus have characteristics similar to Pluto. So, for example, if astronomers find a planet close to Eris or Sedna, it will have 'Erisian' or 'Sednian' traits. Accordingly, we simply have to make distinction between major planets, and minor planets. There is no need to be doubtful regarding Pluto's role, because the books were written on his influence. Pluto's energy is everything but subtle, as it is well known fact, that it brings deep transformational changes, like no other planet.

In influence of planets there are some obvious regularities. If Pluto has some Scorpio/Aries qualities, and Eris some Virgo/Taurus, then Sedna need will have some Virgo/Gemini traits. And why not of Pisces, for example? Not only because of aforementioned order, but also because of its influence on human taught, science and philosophy in 17th century, when it transited that sign. If Sedna had transited through its natural house, would it bring a rationalistic philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment and mechanistic views in science? Isn't it a time of divorce of astrology with science and philosophy? With passing of Sedna through its natural house, the Neo-Platonic ideas would be only reinforced, I guess.

Speaking of Neo-Platonic philosophy, today almost forgotten in academic circles, I must remind that it had a very tight connection with astrology. Plato believed that there exists one universal soul ruling heaven and Earth and all the universe. But, he also considered that each single planet and star as well possess ther own individual souls. Hellenistic Neo-Platonists have upgraded his theory with emanative scheme and vertical influence, going from the First Being downwards to secondary beings and to stars and planets. In Middle Ages, Jewish and Islamic Neo-Platonic philosophers made a certain amalgamation of those Neo-Platonic with Aristotelian ideas, about heavenly spheres (later accepted also by some Christian philosophers, like Albertus Magnus and Roger Bacon). In their hierarchical arrangement of beings, the spirits ruled and animated heavenly spheres. A total of ten intellects emanate from the First Being. The First Intellect comprehends God and, in consequence of that comprehension, produces a third being, which is the Second Intellect. The First Intellect also comprehends its own essence, and the result of this comprehension is the production of the body and soul of the First Heaven. Each of the following emanated intellects are associated with the generation of similar astral phenomena, including the fixed stars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon.

I think that it’s necessary to embrace again those forgotten medieval theories about animated heavenly spheres and their influence. Now, instead of seven, we know that there are twelve spheres, and that some kind of subtle energy (bioenergy?) flows through them in a spiral mode, from Sedna to Sun and vice versa, transmitting that energy from one sphere to the other. We can surmise that that kind of energy is changeable, and it probably mutates in the Zodical order, so Leo turns into Gemini energy, then into Taurus, up to the last Virgo sphere. But, there exists also the second spiral of energy flowing through spheres, starting with Cancer, proceeding with Leo, Virgo, and ending with Gemini. On the border of two spheres there probably exist some area of transition of one energy ino another.

So, I will conclude with a thought that I agree, that there are planets which are some kind of ‘envoys’ of major planets, simply because all the bodies in the same sphere need emanate similar kind of energies. Accordingly, it would have to be reconsidered the role of Chiron, for instance, and its probable Uranian/Saturnian traits, instead of those, forcedly given just to suit the mythological tale.

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