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Posted By: antezark on: 09/22/2006 15:28:54 ET
Subject: whoa horsie...

Message Detail:
Mercury (Hermes) and Uranus (Prometheus)make way for the tricksy lady please, we now possibly have a triad of potential air sign rulers :-0 Libras are so fickle, would we just dump Venus just like that? (hmmm, maybe, maybe not)

Eris as night ruler of Taurus would make sense... i mean how else do you make sense out of Taureans like Salvador Dali or brilliant quirky physicist Richard Feynman unless there was some quality to Taurus not mentioned by classical astrology? Venus would be Libra's night ruler...the evening star.

just read Richard's post below about holding our horses until other new planets are discovered.he is probably right, although i'm with Luis (enjoy reading your posts Luis) on Eris' possible rulership of Libra.

The ultimate trickster is traditionally associated with Libra. This would be Eros, whose invisible arrows to the heart sped countless gods and mortals to their glory or dooms.(Eros the god of love who moved the divine creation became in later antiquity a fat little winged baby with a toy bow,fluttering about like an albino bat. sheez, talk about demotion)There is only a tiny iota of difference between "Eris" and "Eros" but what a difference it makes on the literal level. does anyone know if Eris at some time in the distant past was worshipped in a more exalted and positive form?

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