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Posted By: Luis on: 09/21/2006 21:26:51 ET
Subject: RE: 2003 UB 313 and it's influences on the world

Message Detail:
I can perfectly agree with your co-ruling theory. It makes sense at least. But the question I have is: how many planets are still out there for discovery? Or, as Richard pointed in a recent post may even have been discovered but they haven't come out to light because of being yet in prelimnary observation by the discovery team.

So I think it's prudent to wait and see. Sedna is not probably the only one of its kind out there and there can be even much larger objects. We still don't know. That's the fact.

Pluto is not assigned to Scorpio just because of mechanicistic assignation but also because it behaves coherently with that. Eris does seem to be coherent with Libra, both in name and behaviour (if we avoid idealizing Libra, of course) but Sedna? Sedna doesn't seem to give Virgoan qualities. I'm not sure but it's probably a yet-to-be-discvered object.

I'm also not sure anymore that Pluto and Eris are "rulers" as such. I have been considering other possibilities both in connection to their belonging to the outer "asteroideal belt" (Kuiper Belt):

- Possibility #1: that major objects in those regions actually act as "ambassadors" of the planets beyond. That way Ceres would be a Jovian ambassador, Vesta a Saturnal one, etc. Equally Pluto and Eris would just be ambassadors of the planets (real "rulers") to be found beyond the KB.

- Possibility #2: that all objects in those regions are actually under the direct influence of mainly one planet, that one inmediately beyond. That way all standard asteroids would be under the influence of Jupiter and all KBOs would be under the influence of a yet-to-be-found-and-named "true ruler" of Scorpio.

Of course, both possibilities (that may even be compatible with each other) imply that there are "true planets" beyond the KB, something yet to be confirmed (or denied). I feel intuitively strongly in favor of this hypothesis but reasonably I must consider that it can be wrong.

We'll see.

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