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Posted By: Richard on: 09/18/2006 21:20:53 ET
Subject: RE: *blink blink*

Message Detail:
So, as Virgoan, do you think that Eris is related to Virgo or rather to Libra, as I think.

I vote for none of the above.

Understand that our system of planetary rulerships goes back to ancient Greece, where there was a philosphy of symmetry which dictated the rulerships of the signs rather than the closeness of the fit between sign and planet. Hence each of the planets (but not the luminaries) each ruled a sign equidistant from the rulership signs of the Sun and Moon.

Mercury ruled Gemini and Virgo
Venus ruled Taurus and Libra
Mars ruled Scorpio and Aries
Jupiter ruled Pisces and Sagittarius
Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius

That the rulerships were at best an uncomfortable fit to many of the signs was pretty much overlooked because the symmetry was what was of the highest importance to the ancient Greeks.

Now move forward a couple thousand years. All of a sudden in the modern world we have the discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto within 150 years of each other. Each are major discoveries, and so much for the ancient system of symmetry. Uranus nicely blew apart that aging structure of symmetry, and a de facto structure of sign-planet energic compatability became the new norm for rulerships in modern astrology. I'm quite comfortable with the modern rulerships of Neptune-Pisces, Uranus-Aquarius, and Pluto-Scorpio. The energies are a pretty good match.

But that still leaves us with some lost puppies from the ancient Greek system of rulerships, and those lost puppies include Virgo, Libra, and Taurus. The ancient Greeks may have seen the symmetry, but we moderns do not see the compatibility of sign-planet energy.

For instance, as a member of the Virgo Club, I have haven't seen *any* planet, old or new, which is a satisfactory ruler for Virgo. Probably anyone who has looked at rulerships realizes Virgo's traditional ruler, Mercury, is just a ruler of convenience. However, if there is a true ruler of Virgo (and that's a big if) such a ruler will have to be the "perfect" ruler. Virgo will accept nothing less than perfection.

Problem here is that this is a very imperfect universe and world. So we Virgos wait patiently. Maybe, just maybe, the perfect planet will be discovered one day. Maybe. However if such perfection ever is discovered, I just may investigate living there instead of our imperfect planet Earth. (wink)

As for Taurus and Libra, all sorts of astrologically knowledgable people worldwide have expressed reservations about Venus ruling one or the other. Again, we can think of Venus as a ruler of convenience for these two signs as well. FWIW, I'm not comfortable with any of the named new planets as ruler of either of these signs. The fit just isn't close enough for me.

Two more discovered new planets are unnamed at this time (Sept 2006). EL61 remains to be named, along with FY9. I doubt FY9 will rule either Taurus or Libra, given the way the Indigo children are responding to transits from this planet. And EL61 raises more questions than answers given its odd shape and rotation. We await the names for both.

In addition, please keep in mind that all the new planets are not yet discovered. I expect more to be announced. Mike Brown, the discoverer of Eris, Quaoar, et al, is coy about how many more planets he and his group have discovered but not yet announced. And Brown, et al, are not the only team of astronomers aiming telescopes out there looking for new planetary bodies.

So hold your horses, people.

We're on the cutting edge of a curve of new discovery, and I for one will not be jumping in on rulerships until I see all the planets which have been discovered and what their characteristics might be. That could be a few years.

But this Virgo has his doubts there will ever be a planet "perfect" enough to rule Virgo. Not in this density-stained universe.

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