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Posted By: Luis on: 09/18/2006 11:52:17 ET
Subject: RE: 2003 UB 313 and it's influences on the world

Message Detail:
That's interesting. Thanks, Des.

I'm now not so sure that Sedna can be associated with Virgo (too compassive maybe - more Piscean?) but also, while I do agree that Eris is probably very Libran, I'm more interested in the diplomatic (and sometimes competitive) aspect of the sign (as the aesthetic arts are more ruled by Venus-Taurus properly and the philosophical aspects seem to me more Jovian-Saggitarian maybe).

So, following your account but focusing in diplmatic and political events, I find the following for Eris' transits:

- Virgo: Treaty of Ratisbon virtually ends Piracy in the Caribbean; English "Glorious Revolution" (that ended with Cromwell's tyranny). Both sound quite pragmatic and flexible to me.
- Libra: This is almost exactly the period of the War of Spanish Succession that transformed largely the diplomacy of Europe, relegating Spain to a second cathegory of powers.
- Scorpio: The parallel Great Northern War ended in this phase, reducing the power of Sweden as well. In the end of the period there was the War of Polish Succession and a Hispano-British war in America, based in privateering. Not to bellic for Scorpio, I must say, but it reflects the increased power of Britain and, specially, Russia.
- Saggitarius: War of the Austrian succession, that showed Prussia as a very promising newcomer to the selective circle of great powers. Followed by the Seven Years' War that confirmed that and gave Canada to Britain.
- Capricorn: American and French Revolutions. It seems that, if, when Pluto enters in Cap, the economy sinks, when Eris does, it's politics what collapse.
- Aquarius: Napoleonic and post-Napoleonic ages. Latin American independence.
- Pisces: Quite romantic: nationalism and revolutions: from the 1948 burgueoise revolution to the 1917-22 socialist one, passing by the Paris Commune, and of course, Italian and German unfications and the colonial race for Africa (and other regions), all culminating in WWI. It also corresponds very well with the period between the discovery of Neptune and that Pluto.
- Aries: well almost a whole century and more: WWII and the Cold War, followed by US unipolar hegemony. Decolonization, UN, globalization, rise and fall of the USSR, rise of China, fall and unification of Europe... A very dynamic century indeed.

Eris won't enter Taurus till 2048! But it was already there in 990-1056, a very interesting period: Danish invasion of Denmark, the brief Navarrese "empire" and the first partition of Navarre, the end of the Caliphate of Cordoba, the birth of independent Vietnam, the conquest of Bulgaria by Byzantium, the decay of the Abbasid Caliphate...

Just another point of view.

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