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Posted By: Richard on: 09/17/2006 16:05:04 ET
Subject: RE: *blink blink*

Message Detail:
We are discussing very fast, and this forum is not so much active. A few posts a week the most when there are astronomical news around, like now. So it's normal that the rest of the Universe can't keep our discussion pace (apart that some probably prefer to lurk and read, rather than post).

I'm a Leo (Sun sign) too, so guess we could get stuck in our trenches for a while: there's no such hot place as the Solar party, you know. So let's keep it cool.

I don't pay so much attention to books, but I insist most Virgoans I know are not orderly or structured, not even builders of anything. And most of the Virgoans I know are super-Virgoans with at least 4 placements in that sign. In fact the person who ratified me absolutely in my conviction that theory that says that Virgoans are orderly and structured has nothing less that 7 placements in the sign! Including Sun and Moon! And she complained very clearly that she is not the orderly Virgoan she's suppossed to be according to some.

Apart of my uncle, who did keep a huge library of his own - but rather than ordered, it was more that he knew exactly where each book was (isn't that Virgoan?!) - all the others are often disordered. Let's see: a cousin that cut her footnails in the living room (practical but very informal); a drug-dealer friend living always in the edge, without a clear home nor a clear future (he likes sporting though); a university teacher that left it all to work as an actress for kids (most of her placements are in 5th house); a lesbian artisan who just spends too much time in front of TV and driking wine (that must be her Pisces Moon)... hmmm...

The only "Virgoans" that have conspired somehow in my life are Virgo Moons - but that's related to the fact that Virgo Moons are much more hardworking, specially at home, than Virgo Suns - and they dislike you being more lazy and easy going than they are. But airy aspects were involved in such conflicts too.

None of them has ever placed me in a compromising position (except maybe in one occasion, in which a Libran was involved too). But Librans? They are very nice but their fear of direct confrontation plus their hyper-sociality makes them natural meddlers. And they like to be the boss discretely, like the most Leo of Leos would do openly.

Analytic, detailed, critical, flexible, pragmatical, smart, worrying, helpful... all you want... but Virgoams are not orderly unless Saturn or some other order-placement is altering things. Virgoans are quite hippy actually.

I am thinking and know only one Virgoan who is somehow a meddler... but he has Libra rising (and a complex 12th house stellium, plus Mars in 11th) - he's not such a meddler actually but when he does he seems more a 12th house + Libra thing to me. In general, Virgoans are more interested in getting along and focusing in "small" things like daily life, work, hobbies, worrying (with some reason) about how bad is everything going, etc. They are smart and often amoral so guess they can get bitchy if you offend them (after all who better than a Virgoan to spot your faults) but their natural modesty (self-criticism) and prudence prevents them from acting that way often - it would seem more an emotional reaction caused by activation of Mars.

As all mutable signs, they are not likely to keep grudges going for long anyhow. It's not so much that they forgive but rather they adapt. Adaptable is the key here. And Virgoans definitively are that.


I disagree that only earh signs are constructive. Every sign is that in their own way. What earthy signs are particularly is pragmatical and materially-oriented. But what a Cap builds in the material world, an Aquarian does in the social one and a Piscean in the mental realm.


I concede that bringing to practice successfully the "divide and conquer" may require of analysis. But it's not mere mathematics... it requires probably much more intuition and therefore a Mercury in Scorpio, with its unique insight, may be more useful than the smart but sometimes naive for the subtleties of interaction Mercury in Virgo.

Personally, I believe I do that part with my Cancer Moon, rather than Mercury: I feel with the Moon and then transfer the product to Pluto to use it (Cancer Moon is too motherly to be a good Machiavellic diplomat) ]>-)

Okay, so here's a response from a life-long member of the Sun in Virgo Club, your humble webmaster. I'm a Virgo, through and through according to my friends. Check out this website in detail (of course in detail), and decide for yourself if this Virgo fits your analysis. (wink)

Kindest regards,


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