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Posted By: Des on: 09/17/2006 09:38:27 ET
Subject: RE: 2003 UB 313 and it's influences on the world

Message Detail:
Very intersting, as I mentioned in other posts.

I just must say that the 9th and 10th centuries are not the start of the Dark Ages, but rather their end: the Western Roman Empire fell in the 5th century and, normally, the Dark Ages are considered to be the (in Europe) 6th, 7th and 8th centuries: the period of the barbaric kingdoms up to Muslim, Magyar and Muslim invasions. Charlemagne, crowned Emperor c. 800, is rather the beginning of the end of the Dark Ages.

In fact, that seems more coincident with the other periods you mention: Renaissance and Modernity. The Carolingian period is a time of some impulse forward and the start of a new period: the not so "dark" Middle Ages in their full swing.

Note: I just checked Wikipedia and it calls the 9th century the start of the "Dark Ages". But in my own knowledge of History, the name has always been applied to the previous period. This may be a difference between the English and Latin concepts. In continental Europe at least: the 9th century marks the beginning of the end of the dark period, with new consolidated powers arising, some increase in trade and literacy, etc.

Wikipedia defines the "Dark Ages" as "from about A.D. 476 to about 1000". But it also mentions a "Carolingian Renaissance", which I believe is much more adquate to what Xena in Aries seems to mean.

So, new planet now officially called Eris, is (as ruling over Libra, and co-ruling Taurus) mainly responsible for the shifts in art and philosophy, but his influence is strong also in periods of wars and expansion of nations (many army leaders and dictators born in Taurus). The other planet, Sedna, as is much slower, is responsible for bigger shifts in human consciousness, and changing of epochs. It can be easily seen just by taking a glance at historical survey, and at events starting by entering of them into the new sign. First, Sedna:

600-1056 Capricorn Early Middle Ages
1056-1633 Aquarius High/Late Middle Ages
1633-1864 Pisces Modern Age
1864-1967 Aries Industrial Age
1967- Taurus Information Age

Planet Sedna we could call, according to sings it rules (Virgo, Gemini) intellectual, while Eris is more 'arty' sign. For instance, the Baroque period coincides with Eris in Taurus (1521-1605), and, from 1677, as it follows:

1677-1692 Virgo Rationalism and empirism in philosophy
1693-1713 Libra Deism, Leibniz
1714-1739 Scorpio Voltaire, The Age of Enlightenment
1740-1767 Sagittarius Kant, Age of Enlightenment at its peak
1768-1799 Capricorn Utilitarianism
1800-1845 Aquarius Utopistic socialist ideas, Hegel, German Idealism
1846-1924 Pisces Theosophy, Spiritism, Impressionism and Expressionism in painting
1925- Aries Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, breaking with old patterns in art, existentialism and phenomenology in philosophy

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