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Posted By: Ryoin on: 09/16/2006 14:42:50 ET
Subject: RE: *blink blink*

Message Detail:
Yes, we do disagree on many things, but that's what makes it interesting, no?

I'm sorry about the "divide and conquer" thing, I thought YOU said it was a sometimes, which was why the word was in quotation marks. I read the sentence quickly and didn't pay attention to the comma. Hehe, silly me. Anyway, over looking that slight flaw the point is still made that "divide and conquer" is a very analytical process. You can't be skeptical of this, otherwise you'd be in denial, and we can't have that.

Yes, Virgos meddle. Goodness do Virgos meddle. I would LOVE to switch places with you and know these non-meddling Virgos you know. I'm sorry, but I REALLY can't see Libras meddling. I mean, we all meddle to some degree, but I'd expect Libra and Pisces to be on the bottom of that list. I know one Libra who meddles and normally starts conflicts, but he has Venus/Pluto stuff to work out. A Libra without such planetary aspects, I couldn't imagine them initiating very many conflicts. Back to the Virgo meddling thing, as most Virgos like to work "behind the scenes", meddling is really the only power they have, and when you get someone who is orderly and's normally not good. Also, there are really only so many ways you could meddle, and pretty much all of them can be considered social, so I think that's a bit unfair.

ALL earth signs have a building aspect to them, I'll bow to that. However, Virgo probably gets it done much faster than Taurus (who doesn't like to go faster than he wants to) or Capricorn (who might not think they can get it done, darn pessimism). Virgo's going to get it done quickly and efficiently, double checking it to make sure it's all perfectly correct.

Well, I don't know, the true belief in the hypochondriac's own condition would be an interesting experiment, but that's not something we can analyze here. If it's psychological, I suppose it's a good thing Virgo is a mental sign.

Actually, I think they are very similiar, especially if you've led yourself to believe that these conditions you're experiencing are real. This is where Virgo powers up and says "I'm experiencing it, therefore, it's real, therefore, I will complain about it and be critical of everyone's actions in response to it. THEN, people will get angry and fed-up with me and my worrying, complaining, nagging, and critisizing." (I apologize for any words I may have mispelled.) Do you see how social conflict causing Virgos can be with their negative qualities?

You're going to have those problems with any of those "in the shadows" signs, I suppose. I, as a Leo, often find myself going to my little Virgo-like peoples and asking them to help me out. I've noticed that Virgos make really good behind-the-scenes people and when they're stuck in that position, there's really not much they can do, except meddle in small, precise ways to make it all crumble. Who knows, maybe this is a quality that Virgo and Libra both share.

And yes, Virgo is organized and structured. You can go and look that up in billions of astrology books and websites. I do know that Capricorn and Taurus are organized as well, I think all of the earth and fixed signs are in some way or another. Virgo may not be ordered so much as the conotational thought is, where you walk in and you can instantly tell where everything is, but more in the region of THEY know where everything is and where everything goes, even if no one else can. That's order and structure too, no matter how you spin it. If you're going to take the structure, organization, perfectionism, and attention-to-detail aspects of Virgo, you might as well make it an air sign. (Yes, I do realize you're countering only two, but I thought I might as well make those other two present to show the really only four earthy aspects of Virgo.)

You say this, and yet it's apparent all of your thoughts are very structured and very well thought out, which leads me to wonder if perhaps one of these planets in The Virgin is Mercury or not. Even your sentences are very well structured...but apparently I'm wrong about that, right?

I'm actually very surprised no one else has chimed in on this to share their thoughts, actually, I'm a little sad that no one else has. I do enjoy debating on this topic with Luis (whose ideas I respect, even if I come across as just the opposite), he already knows what I think and I already know what he thinks, so, if anyone else out there has any ideas they'd like to share, please feel free to jump in. This little first party volley, second party volley, repeat thing we have going here gets a little boring after awhile, and we'll keep this going...forever at this rate.

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