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Posted By: ephebos on: 09/16/2006 12:38:16 ET
Subject: plus, the five most interesting unnamed objects

Message Detail:
1. 2005 FY9

Location: Classical belt
Estimated mass: unknown
Semi-major axis: 45 AU
Nickname: Easterbunny

Notable features: Albedo as yet undetermined, but very, very large. Possibly as large as, or even larger than, Pluto.

2. 2003 EL61

Location: Classical Kuiper belt
Estimated mass (1020 kg): 41-43
Semi-major axis: 43 AU
Nickname: Santa

Notable features: Rotates in only 4 hours, which has elongated it to a cigar shape. Two moons. Larger than Sedna, Orcus or Quaoar.

3. 2004 XR190

Location: Scatterd Disc
Estimated mass: 0.64.8
Semi-major axis: 57 AU
Nickname: Buffy

Notable features: Possesses an orbit that is nearly circular, yet also nearly perpendicular.

4. 2000 CR105

Location: Beyond.
Estimated mass: unknown, but diameter only 265 km
Semi-major axis: 219 AU
Nickname: none

Notable features: Like Sedna, exists in the region too far for its orbit to have been affected by Neptune's migration.

5. 2002 TC302

Location: resonant Kuiper belt
Estimated mass: unknown, but diameter less than 1200 km
Semi-major axis: 55 AU
Nickname: none

Notable features: by radius, larger than Ceres

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