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Posted By: Luis on: 09/16/2006 08:21:12 ET
Subject: RE: *blink blink*

Message Detail:
Obviously we don't agree in many things, Ryoin.

We don't agree on "divide and conquer": you say is a "sometimes", I have it clear that it is a constant. Everybody has done or at least tried to do it. Since Machiavelli's so much praised Romans to modern USA. A single rival ("enemy" is a combat term, not one of diplomacy - and rivals do belong to the Libran 7th house, remember?) is better handled if divided, obviously, as you can support the most convenient faction at wish.

Virgoans meddle? That's not the Virgoans I know. Librans don't like open conflict but they do meddle discretely quite often. That's because Librans value much more sociality than Virgoans obviously.

All signs have constructive and destructive qualities, or rather qualities that can be used in a constructive or destructive way. Virgo is not so much the builder you claim, though they are often hard workers, building structires is much more something of other signs, like Capricorn or even Taurus, in the material plane. Virgo is actually the less earthy of all earthy signs but guess that can be said of all mutables in their elements - but maybe Pisces.

I see you "worry" aspect of Hypocondria and that's definitively Virgo. But as all psychological illnesses, Hypocondria is basically an emotional thing: an ill-concieved unconscious pretext to get certain emotional benefit, normally the attention of others. I really don't think the hypocondriac believes his/her worries, maybe in surface but not deeply. I know that subconsciously he/she is trying to play with me and my emotions as he/she probably did with his/her mother and other relatives in childhood. It's a psychological game, even if the player is not fully aware.

Complaining about imaginary things is totally dfferent of being critical about real things, an that is what Virgo does. Virgo is perfectionist, detailed and that puristic criticism is not normally understood by the rest who tend to care less abut such details. But Virgo is a realistic, not any imaginary charlatan, nor any socialite. The criticisms of Virgo are almost always accurate yet often excessive for less perfectionist people.

Libra can't bear to argue themselves for long. But that doesn't mean they (or at least some of them) are not involved often in squabbles from a safe distance. I've been more than once asked by a Libran to defend his/her poition (and sometimes falled to that trap) because he/she didn't want to do it him/herself. I've also been brought to serious problems by Librans who just tried to avoid facing them in time or who conspired in the dark to reform alliances (friendships) to fit their scheme. Librans want to be friends of all and hate to burn bridges but they usually don't mind so much if others quarrel - as long as they are not directly involved and, specially, if that helps apparently to reinforce their leading role in the social network. I think that's a fact.

And Virgo is not structure and order. C'mon! Those are the qualities of Capricorn and Saturn. Virgo is much more fluid. Don't you know disordered Virgoans? I do - and a lot. Virgo is not so ordered: it is detailed, analytic, very critic, pragmatical, worrying, often helpful and sometimes hardworking... but not merely Saturnal as you depict them. They are Mercurians: order is not so important for them.

Myself, I have 5 planets in Virgo and I am very disorderly and, despite a prominent Saturn, don't like structure so much. I'm analytic, critic and sometimes helpful - but not the structure-builder and order-loving person you describe. That's a Capricorn!


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