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Posted By: Ryoin on: 09/15/2006 17:34:34 ET
Subject: *blink blink*

Message Detail:
Well, don't you consider Pisces to be too docile and sympathetic to be Neptunian? I mean, this god did cause storms and earthquakes. He sank ships and flooded cities. Yet, that's the way we stand.

"Divide and Conquer" as you have said, is a "sometimes", therefore, a rarity in the political arena. I suppose it would work if you have a multitude of enemies to combat against, but probably not so well against a single enemy. However, I see this aspect as being Virgin as well. Here we are analyzing it all, breaking it down, figuring out what that one will be that turns the opposition in on itself.

Eris threw in the apple because she was "snubbed" from the Peleus/Thetis union. She couldn't come, so she thought she'd mess it up. Ultimately, due to her meddling, she started the Trojan War. Whether that was really her intent or not, like you said, is unknown. However, the fact is she did meddle, which is a trait common to Virgos, and Libras, by the way, don't usually enjoy conflict, so I severly doubt they'd be out trying to cause it in any sense of the term. Also, I don't understand the "need" for Librian constructive qualities as Virgo is THE construction-worker of the Zodiac.

I'd love to know what definition of hypochondria you're talking about here. Hypochondria is connected to worrying, which is a Virgo hotspot keyword. You worry about your health so much, you flip out when something little occurs, even if you know full and well you eat right, you exercise daily, and all of that health stuff. However, I've never heard of a talkative hypochondriac, I've heard of complainative ones, but that seems like a Virgo thing too: critical, critical, critical.

I don't see how a sign that normally "can't bear squabbles" and generally "has trouble finding the balance it needs" could possibly create squabbles and throw off that, apparently, much needed balance, I'm sorry, but it just doesn't click for me.

It's too complex to extend on it here probably but we do know now that Chaos is just the supreme order (at least in what refers to material reality), that Chaos is made up of multiple competing orders and that what is disorder for one, it's order for the other.power.

I'd like to thank you so much for helping me prove my point. Virgo is all about structure, order, and all of that. If chaos is the supreme order (like you said it was) and Eris is the goddess of chaos, then here is the hand (Virgo) and here's the glove (Eris). I really didn't need the help, but I'm glad you did, it makes it easier for me.

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