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Posted By: Luis on: 09/15/2006 06:51:55 ET
Subject: But...

Message Detail:
I can't be sure obviously. But don't you think that Virgo is too nice and helpful, critic but also self-critic, to be Erisian?

While it's true that diplomacy is an art of seeking common ground sometimes, you just can't ignore the Machiavellic essence of it. "Divide and conquer" has always been the best diplomatic (and not military) tactic. And that's totally Erisian.

Libra has often been dubbed the iron fist in the velvet glove, its main power is without doubt over the social dimension. And that's also terribly Erisian. The apple was golden, apparently inocuous and desirable, the legend also was basically a compliment (the problem was to whom), even the ability to throw the rock and hide the hand is quite Libran (LOL - Librans are going to hate me for all this - hehe), as they often hide their feelings for fear to disturb the "peace".

Of course there's a Mercurian something in Eris' machinations and there's also a Plutonian aspect in her desire of revenge. But it is the diplomatic ability to get out from an impossible situation of isolation via manipulation of the social reality what seems Libran to me. Virgo would have just hushed the despair and stood to her business: too earthy to care so much about social issues. It's the social situation what makes it look airy, and specifically Libran - because Libra is the queen of the social reality and you can't just exclude her (or him) without facing her superior powers in that field.

Some further notes: Your genealogy via Nyx and Erebus is just one. Another one makes her legitimate daughter of Zeus and Hera and, hence sister of Ares (Mars) and Hephaistos (Vulcan). (That's also in the Wiki).

We know that Eris threw the golden apple and made the goddesses quarrel. But we don't know if her intention was to cause the destruction of Troy. If it was, then it needed of Libran constructive qualities to join all Greeks against Troy. If it wasn't, then there's no reason to attribute her with such, supposedly Virgoan, insight.

Hypocondria can be also explained by "Libra" in 6th. Obviously 6th is the house of (preventive) health (healing belongs mostly to the 8th) but Hyponcondria has a social nature: you talk to everyone about your supposed illnesses and you make friends (+/-) with your doctors and nurses. Still, I'm quite sure the planet mustbe ill aspected in some way to produce that. A Virgoan planet in 6th (like Mercury, for instance) rather calls for a yogi or some other sort of health-loving person. Maybe a vegetarian naturist or hygienist, maybe a sportman... but it doesn't talk to me of ill health (even if imaginary).

The Libran planet speaks to me of "manipulation" (control, power) of social reality. And a Hypocondriac does precisely that: manipulate his/her social links via health issues. "I feel so sick, why don't you care me a bit? Let's make an infussion and talk..."

Virgo would not do that at all. Virgo (abstractly taken) can widely ignore social links. Virgo is about work, analysis, modesty, giving help (critically and efficiently, not like Piscean compassion). Virgo is not necessarily an "angel" - actually it's often too amoral to be that, but is not the bitch you make up of it at all.

Said, that, and as sort of disclaimer, I must make clear that I don't mean that Libra is a bitch either. Just that its focus is social relations and that it has a great power on them, more than any other sign. Unlike Aquarius, the archetypical "friend", the pillar of society, Libra is more selfish in its approach to sociality (much like Scorpio is more selfish in its approach to psychology, sensuality and the imaginary than Pisces, the pillar of ideals). This "selfishness" is actually a power, while the "altruism" of their counterparts has a facet of alienation. Well used, the power of Libra, like that of Scorpio or other signs/planets, has a lot of constructive (and specially directive) potential. But, of course, beware of the "dark side".

The legend of Eris and the golden apple tells us more of the dark side. But maybe it's worth to stop among Discordianists/Erisians (a surrealistic pseudo-religion of Chaotist roots) to see the positive aspect of Eris (their "bible" is linked below).

I did yesterday, in search of inspiration, and found something about a dual chaos/order aspect and a promotion of the creative facet in them and rejection of the merely destructive facet of either one. Is then the Erisian myth talking only about chaos and destruction? Not really: Eris showed to be extremely creative. Also any Chaotist (of any tendency, even just Chaos scientists) will tell you that order is a subset of Chaos and that disorder is not synonim of Chaos. It's too complex to extend on it here probably but we do know now that Chaos is just the supreme order (at least in what refers to material reality), that Chaos is made up of multiple competing orders and that what is disorder for one, it's order for the other.

And Eris, provisional Queen of Libra (in my opinion), holds the scales and keeps the different orders in balance... or intentional imbalance maybe. That dialectic is intrinsecally social and airy, specially because it's a subjective thing to consider this or that order or disorder, good or evil.

The same that we don't consider Pluto/Scorpio to be merely the (almost null) legend of Hades, the same that we don't consider Mars/Aries to be only a warrior but also a pioneer, we must not be too simplistic when approaching Eris and Libra. There's more to her than just discord. Discord, or more precisely the golden apple, is just illustrative of her great power.

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