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Posted By: scatha on: 09/2/2006 19:36:05 ET
Subject: RE: Planet Discovery Charts - Xena+Sedna+Quaoar

Message Detail:
I have actually been searching for the info....

for Xena:
2003 UB 313 - Camshots: 21. Oct. 2003 - but actually found as moving object at 11:20AM PST on January 5th 2005 - Palomar Observatory - Samuel Oschin Telescope
Palomar Mountain/San Diego is 33.3° N 116.8° W - this should be accurate enough

Source: M. Brown's own homepage

"The object was first observed on Oct. 21, 2003, but the team did not see it move in the sky until looking at the same area 15 months later on Jan. 8, 2005."

( here we stumble upon the first problem: should we count the time when the photo shots were taken or the time of discovery by a conscious human being ? )

Time for the initial shots, although they are not mentioned in the source, must be in the evening, because the the three shots are getting subsequentially darker.. that leaves a time span of 2-3 hours
for Sedna:
"Sedna, originally designated 2003 VB12, was first seen on Nov. 14, 2003 with the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope at California's Mount Palomar Observatory. Astronomers from the California Institute of Technology, Yale University"

the pictures are timed for 6:32 UT - 8:03 UT - 9:38 UT (UT=universal time?) -- again, which time should we take ? ...
Palomar Mountain/San Diego is 33.3° N 116.8° W

Quaoar :
- What was the time, date and place of discovery? -

The first discovery image was taken at 2002 June 04 05:41:40 (Universal Time = Greenwich, England) from the Palomar Observatory 48-inch Oschin telescope. I identified Quaoar in the image at 2002 Jun 05 10:48:08 (Pacific Daylight Time).

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Michael E. Brown´s homepage
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