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Posted By: Luis on: 09/1/2006 20:06:47 ET
Subject: RE: On rulerships

Message Detail:
Sedna ruling maybe Virgo.

You realize that Sedna isn't even a KBO, right? It's the innermost member of the "theortical" Oort Cloud. It takes about 12,000 years to go around the Sun. That means it takes it about 33 years go move one degree on paper. Do you really think such a distant object could rule a sign?

Well, I'm reconsidering. There is at least one KBO that seem larger than Sedna.

See my post above on "asteroideal belts".

Anyhow, the problem is that Pluto is so tiny and distant that the same considerations made for Sedna or other KBOs apply to it, yet we are used to have it ruling Scorpio - and, in general, quite satisfied with that.

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