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Posted By: Thampankannanchara on: 08/30/2006 14:43:55 ET
Subject: RE: More Planets= More Factors or More Accuracy?

Message Detail:
I'd really like to see that jump made. Astrology seems to make some solid predictions, but surely must be riddled with inaccuracies, since it was developed without the aid of modern science and technology. It deserves to be given the serious effort of undergoing a scientific process to bring everything up to date. If astrology truly works, a modern investigation of the effects of the planets would make it such a precise science that we could practically predict the future. The process of investigation alone would teach us much about the nature of the universe.

I realize the task is enormous, but isn't there anyone out there willing to tackle it?

we'll probably never be able to predict the future in an astrological/scientific marriage because any scientists who openly express an interest in astrology are immediately set upon by the sceptic watchdogs, and lose any funding or status they were currently supported by. As more astronomical bodies are incorporated into astrological prediction, the more astrology will become closer to being a "Chaotic" system, (like weather forcasting). There would simply be too much information to make any accurate predictions, and like the weather where the fluttering of a butterflie's wings in Brazil might make for a typhoon in Japan in several months, what would an asteroid Kassandra biquintile with the Sun mean for grain harvests next year? Anyway that is just my jaded opinion, perhaps there would be a way to funnel the information down into workable proportions

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