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Posted By: Luis on: 08/29/2006 15:19:09 ET
Subject: A thought on asteroideal belts

Message Detail:
I read sometime ago that some astrologers contemplate the Solar system somehow by layers, being the Asteroid Belt the main division between the personal and social/formal aspects. The concept of personal planets is anyhow widely accepted and coincident with those planets that are inside the asteroideal belt.

Obviously the Kuiper Belt is a second asteroideal belt, a second and thicker border that separates the four outer planets made mainly of gas from the yet quite unknown region beyond. In this sense, the discovery of Pluto and the recent discovery of the Kuiper Belt as such, including some objects rather beyond (Scattered Disk objects, like "Xena" and, of course, Sedna) must represent the reaching (Pluto) and trespassing (Sedna) of a new frontier in the Human developement.

So far we only know for sure that Pluto went deeper than anything before, breaking so many limits. When I think of Pluto I think of subatomic forces but also in that dream of Freud where he travelled with a "transparent hat": the rediscovery of the human psyche. Now that Pluto has been "killed" by Mike Brown (in his own words), now that somehow its intimate pioneering role seems to have been trascended by the discovery of so many other objects in its vicinity an beyond, I think it's a good moment to wage honor to Pluto and its hardcore power of insight.

I still can hardly grasp what understanding and trespassing this second belt means. But probably means the limit of the imperatives that most of the gas planets represent. Jupiter is not an imperative itself, rather a power of the mind, but Saturn is a factualist imperative on the mind, Uranus is a social imperative on the will, while Neptune is an imaginary (virtual, psychological) imperative also on the will power. Overall they embody reality beyond the private sphere - not specifically material reality but rather they are all very "mental", even Saturn.

If my mind has been inspired correctly, I expect that beyond the KB there should be other planets(in the full sense of the term) that should pair with the inner planets, the same that Uranus and Neptune pair with Saturn and Jupiter respectively, taking rulership over the nocturnal domiciles of the inner planets (Mars, Venus and Mercury): Scorpio, Libra and Virgo.

But I realize that Pluto fills very well its Scorpian role and possibly UB313 "Xena" also does the same with Libra. This, along with a reflection on the somehow "Jovian" nature of Ceres, made me think of the following: what if the major bodies of each asteroideal belt somehow represent what is beyond them?

Let's see: in the classical Asteroid Belt, there are four major asteroids: 1 Ceres, 4 Vesta, 2 Pallas and 10 Hygiea. I can actually with little effort associate the three first ones with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. I have more doubts about Hygiea (godess of hygiene or preventive health) and Neptune but maybe a correlation can be made too.

What if the same pattern is found in the Kuiper belt? What if Pluto represents somehow a planet beyond the KB and "Xena" does the same with another one? This would explain well why these dwarf planets fit well with the mentioned signs, the nocturnal domiciles that new planets would have to rule according to the implicit logic of Western Astrology.

According to this hypothesis of mine, and considering only currently known objects, I suggest to pay quite attention not just to UB313 but also to 2005 FY9 "Easterbunny", which may reflect the supposed planet ruler of Virgo, pairing with Mercury in the "far outer zone". This object is almost as large as Pluto being significatively larger than any other known KBO except Pluto and "Xena".

This could be an interesting approach both to the significance of both belts and to the meaning of their largest objects.

Hope you find it meaningful and worth of discusion.

Note: I was just reading on the KB at Wikipedia: "Missing Mass: The total mass of Kuiper Belt objects can be inferred by models of the origin of the Solar System from the known mass of the planets and known distribution of mass closer to the Sun. While the estimates are model-dependent, the total mass of around 30 MEarth is expected. Surprisingly, the actual distribution appears to be well below that value, even accounting for the observational bias. The observed density is at least 100 times smaller [2]than the model calls for. This missing 99% of the mass can be hardly dismissed as it is required for the accretion of bigger (>100km) objects ever taking place".

I found this issue suggestive of possible further objects interfering gravitionally. Of course it can be wishful thinking but only time will say.

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