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Posted By: Ryoin on: 08/28/2006 22:29:58 ET
Subject: My turn!

Message Detail:
Oh hey! This is a cool idea! I'll share mine too!

2003UB313 is in my first house (25 Pisces-4 Taurus) at 17 Aries. It conjucts the asteriod Pallas (1 degree difference), but shares this house with my parts of Fortune, Marriage, and Occultism (I thought that last one sounded cool). If Pallas recognizes my ability to solve problems, then this is pretty prominent as I'm the one people go to for advice and I'm usually pretty quick on the draw to catch patterns and such.

UB313 Trines the Moon in my fifth house (118 degrees), bi-quintiles Venus in my sixth house (143 degrees), sesiquadrates Mars in my sixth house (132 degrees), quintiles Jupiter in my fourth house (74 degrees), sextiles Ceres in my third house (58 degrees), inconjuncts Juno in my sixth house (154 degrees), and that's about it. Whew! That's a lot!

Maybe someone with a better Pallas placement (or more time) can figure this stuff out and give us all a pretty good idea as to what UB313's energies are. Right now I'm juggling back and forth between deciding the last "major body/planet" for the Zodiac signs, I just need to place Virgo with either Orcus, Sedna, Quaoar, or UB313/Xena. That's what I'm mainly focusing on at this point in time.

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