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Posted By: Nat on: 08/24/2006 21:30:45 ET
Subject: UB313

Message Detail:
f it helps, I'm looking at UB313 in my own chart which is 5 degrees from Venus in Aries. That may not be close enough to aspect but it's in the 4th house. The 4th house of home has been very unstable in my life and I'm going on my third home (purchase) and I'm fairly young. I left home at an early age and made my home far from my birth. Venus is intercepted in the 5th so technically it's read as 5th house Venus not 4th. The 4th house is ruled by Pisces but nothing else is there except for Chiron which do not explain the changes. I don't usually enjoy living near the water, and I try not to be too sentimental.

The 4th house rules the home and I do renovate and repair the home easily. Something about the new planet causes some kind of interest in change regarding the home. The venus explains my need for pretty things, decorative touches around the home, but it never explained the upheaval. Neither did Aries.

Xena/UB313 has some effect on my 4th house and is near Venus so I am curious to see what effects others see in their own charts.

I am very lucky when I meet builders, and those in the construction business. Could Xena/UB313 be an earthy influence? I certainly have no earth anywhere near my Venus yet I do relate to Venus in Earth people.

I also believe that the asteriods are more significant than reported by most astrologers. The reason is 5 years back an Australian astrologer showed me a Pallas, Venus, Uranus T-Square with Venus receiving the double square. The interpretation was that I needed a commitment to another. So true. Hopefully asteriods will get a closer look, because they may end up being stronger than we know.


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