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Posted By: Luis on: 08/24/2006 10:16:28 ET
Subject: Pluto oficially demoted!

Message Detail:
Just read it in BBC ( Pluto si not anymore considered a planet by the IAU. I still have to find the official resolution/press release to find out the details but it seems that the alternative proposal, the one based in "roundness" has been defeated. See for details on how would have been if voted otherwise. I'm sorry for Brown, Rabinowitz and Trujillo, they would have been the greatest planet-discoverers ever if the "roundness" definition would have succeeded. They would have got nothing less than 15 "planets" in their account.

Pluto (Pluto-Charon) is now officially just a "trans-Neptunian" icy body, another KBO.

Now, how does it affect Astrology? On one side I'm of the opinion that all bodies have an influence, regardless of their oficial status. So Pluto, like Ceres or "Xena" (hope it gets a name finally) will still be relevant for Astrology.

But there's another aspect: the sociological one. In a sense, Uranian influence was never as strong as in the period between its discovery and that of Neptune. Equally, the late 19th and early 20th centuries can be considered somehow "Neptunian" (romanticism, nationalism, etc.) and the rest of the 20th century can be considered quite Plutonian (from the A bomb to Psychoanalysis passing by Hitler).

In my opinion the very fact of the discovery of a body that defies Pluto's status ("Xena") is a major breakthrough that somehow ends the "age of Pluto", now oficialized by the IAU decission.

Now my question is: will "Xena" define the new period (in the same sense as mentioned above)? Or will it be a more undefined one, better described by the multiplicty of the Kupiper Belt and beyond. Even we could wonder: does this situation somehow restore Neptune as the defining planet? If anything, the growth of religious fanaticism could point in that direction.

On the other hand if "Xena" is the new "definer", how are its supposed Libran qualities expressed in our reality?

Well, these are my thoughts.

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  • not quite - ephebos 08/24/2006 14:38:19 ET (1)

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