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Posted By: Luis on: 08/20/2006 07:07:48 ET
Subject: RE: mi quaoar position

Message Detail:
Well, I'd rather ask you for your own opinion, your own experience. After all the effects of Quaoar are still not well known (at least I don't have much idea, unlike Amable).

But in general the Scorpian stellium seems very strong. I'm a little "rusty", because I haven't been doing readings lately but I'd say you have a outstanding Martian (Plutonian) side. Both Mars and Pluto are highlighted in Scorpio and much more in the 8th house. You should have a very strong sexual drive, but of course, the 8th house is much more than just sex. Mars in Scorpio is one of the strongests Mars but I'd say it's better than in Aries, where it becomes too "aggressive". Scorpio has a reflexive quality that templates Mars there quite a bit. Possibly Quaoar may do even more to bring the possitive qualities of that strong Mars.

Moon in Aqua is normally sign of very intense sociability and makes of the social interaction a major drive in one's life. Squares may be troublesome but they are also a dynamizing factor - they mean internal conflicts that one has to learn to let flow in order not to be obstructed by them. Affecting your Moon, they may hurt (after all the Moon is our sensibilty) and confuse (Moon is also our main perception) but they will probably keep you moving forward rather than just hurt. Of course, it depends on how you react too.

If your Moon is in the 10th house, specially if it's the only "planet" there, you should be well disposed to work in activities that involve interacting with others particularly. If that's the case, the planets aspecting your Moon, no matter if those aspects are "harsh", should also say something about your career.

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