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Posted By: Popplagid on: 08/18/2006 20:47:41 ET
Subject: Still difficult to access the effects of these new planets

Message Detail:
Hello, this is my first day I am in depth analysing these new planets, never did it before although i have some quite nice experience with the usual mercury to pluto planets.
I have in my natal chart, Quaor in 9th house (also Uranus there), Xena in 2nd house, Sedna in 2/3rd house cusp (exact square natal Venus) and Orcus in 6th house (also north node there).
I still don't know what to say about these.
Currently, the only transit I am having is Xena exactly opposing my natal 8th house Saturn but in its fifth hit since 2003 but I still do not know what to conclude.
Sincerely, the only thing that made sense until now was the Quaor transition 9 to 10 house along with Orcus coming to the descendent and opposing the ascendent and pluto conjunting my natal Neptune/Sun/Mercury. This in fact my add the evidence of the Orcus/Pluto combined effect.
But maybe someone could add to me some more insight as I would from that analyse it a bit more and coming to see which effect these new planets have in their natal positions and transiting effects.

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