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Posted By: Mine Truly on: 08/17/2006 13:10:28 ET
Subject: Definition of Planet?

Message Detail:
There's a debate going on now on how to define a planet- and the results could cause Pluto to be declassified as a planet, or both Ceres and Charon to sign on as new planets. And as this site notes, there are several other asteroids large enough to be considered planets. There are also countless asteroids that can be as small as a potato or a piece of sand.

Will the astrology world adhere to whatever the astronomers decide is considered a planet? Or do astrologers have their own definition of "planet"- and if so, where is the cutoff between an asteroid and a planet? How do you tell which of those rocks from 1 cm to 2,000 km in size have a significant effect on a person's life?

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