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Posted By: Amable on: 07/31/2006 11:14:18 ET
Subject: Quaoar works like the dream catcher of the native indians of north america (spiritual security)

Message Detail:
The people that i met with quaoar strongly emphazised in its chart have a serius and concentrated mind. Like a computer playing chess, that is checking all the posible movements and the final result on the long run, Quaoar has a deep comprension of the spiritual laws of the universe, were every action has strong consecuences on the long run. Quaoar force us to search for the path of progress in the complex laberinth of karmic laws. Quaoar understands very well that by living according to the spiritual laws is the only way of having peace with others and that is the necesary condition to get the inside peace of oneself.

Both, Saturn and Quaoar, are concerned with security, but while Saturn is searching for phisical protection, Quaoar is searching for spiritual security (think about the Atlantis civilization).

The dream catcher has a round web with witch it try to stop or minimize the efect of negative bucles of feedback that are reinforced through time (like the 36th hexagram of I-Ching). The relations between the indians of North America and the white men was very similar to the actual conflict between USA and Middle East: USA intervention to hadle the Middle East petroleum, bring on the 11S, that once was followed with the war to Iraq. Eche time the situation get even worst for both.

On the other hand, the dream catcher has feathers conected to the round circle that try to atract or start positive bucles of feedback, that are also reinforced through time (like the 35th hexagram of I-Ching). The work of the NGOs in the world are examples of these positive bucles of feedback.

Quaoar has spiritual councioussnes about the implications on the long run for the multiple paths of life that always exist for a given time. Like a dream catcher, by their choices in life, Quaoar people have the hability to refuse the bad dreams before they come true and the hability to atract the good ones. And that is what I mean for spiritual security.

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