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Posted By: Luis on: 07/4/2006 19:49:56 ET
Subject: RE: Whether to use every rock flied by our windows or not?

Message Detail:
You're largely right in our criticism. For instance, I can hardly see any reason to use a tiny amorphous asteroid like Chiron and not any of the many other much larger bodies over there.

Yet what constitutes a planet is technically being discussed these days by the International Astronomical Union. The most natural definition is that of a body whose mass is enough to make it round. Even if they don't adopt this definition for planet, they will have to come with a name for this natural concept, possibly "planetoid", being maybe planet those planetoids that have some sort of extra characteristics, like an arbitrary greater size (which one? Pluto is pretty small and one among many in its range and behaviour), the need to be orbting directly around the Sun (so the Moon or other large natural satellites are not called planets) and/or the need to be a singular object and not part of a group (like asteroids of the main belt or KBOs).

Said that I use Pluto as ruler of Scorp (because it works) and Xena as ruler of Libra (because it makes sense). I'm speculating about using Sedna for Virgo as well. Yet all these attributions are "provisional", till larger objects are discovered out there beyond the KBO, what may take many decades... maybe centuries anyhow.

Meanwhile I'll try to use these three planets or planetoids to represent the essences of Scorpio (psychological power), Libra (sociological power) and Virgo (scientifical power)...

While Pluto is very much tried and won't probably give any surprise, the other two, specially Sedna, may not fit my preconception... but I think that Xena is just too big and too parallel with Pluto to the Mars-Venus duality to fit in its Libran role most likely.

Now, they are just KBOs: large odd asteroids. I think that bigger planets (but small "rocky" ones probably anyhow) will later be found out there.

I may be wrong, naturally. One thing I ponder is that the Scorpio/Libra rulers must have some sort of ratio to Mars/Venus like the one that Uranus and Neptune have to Saturn and Jupiter, that is smaller but not so much.

Do Pluto and Xena fill this pattern? They probably do but I haven't checked it yet.

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