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Posted By: kks on: 07/4/2006 09:48:13 ET
Subject: Whether to use every rock flied by our windows or not?

Message Detail:
This is one of the features of the modern astrology - to immediately use every rock flied by the window. As I know, it's not even decided whether these new objects are planets. You cannot just pick a rock in the sky and say what it rules, and so on. Well... literaly, you can, but probably you'll be wrong. It is said that everything begins and ends with the experience. Therefore, we need to observe and examine carefully these new-found objects and their influence. This will take some time...! Otherwise, we are at risk to make a false assumption.
I've read some people think that Earth is the ruler of Taurus. To me, this is ridiculous, because Earth is a refference point, we are constantly on Earth and it doesn't change its position in relation to us. Earth has a constant influence. Well, it can be ruler if we were on Mercury, for example.
Next... It sounds strange to say that these objects (NOT PLANETS) give us a new influence - they don't exist since 2003, do they? They are just found in the past 3-4 years, which is a completely different thing. Therefore, nothing changes. Their influence is the same as before.
The current version of astrology has proven itís accuracy so you cannot just say it is obsolete upon discovery of new objects, which are even not planets, just distant space rocks/planetoids (well, if you don't look for a sensation).
There is no reason to change rulerships, they work well. I think there is nothing to change in this stage of astrology. Rather, we can add some colours.
Another moment about the rulerships. Many modern astrologers think that every sign has only one ruler and wait for new planet discoveries just to assign sings to them. Sounds somehow logical, but in fact this is a very narrowed thinking. There is no fixed rule, no reason that makes it true. Many new astrologers tend to completely miss the second ruler of Aquarius (Saturn). Some Aquarian qualities can be explained well and logical only if we have in mind that both planets rule the sign. Same about Pisces. If one try to find logic behind co-rulers and why some planets rule more than one sign, I think one will succeed. For example, consider the closeness of Mars and Venus to Earth and the dimensions of Jupiter and Saturn. Thatís just an example start point.
Many philosophies and thoughts can be written about the new-found objects but all of them are just mere reeds shaken in the wind. No more, no less.
Small and further objects have less influence. Astrology is accurate without them, so they are insignificant. If you decide to use them, then first, maybe itís better to begin with all the moons of all the planets in our solar system. HmmmÖ and what about Proxima, the closest star to our solar system? And what about all the other solar systemsÖ and galaxies?! Why donít you use them in astrology? Well, their significance is little.

I hope you won't get me wrong, people. Respect to all of you.

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