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Posted By: Aiki-Mei on: 05/22/2006 17:09:35 ET
Subject: Vulcan, aka Orcus/2004DW

Message Detail:
One half of the original material we released to this world regarding the planet 2004DW , back in 2003, on 10th/11th December in fact follows. For those interested in electional astrology, the actual date of discovery of that planetoid was in 2001 in fact. Conception chart, as with countries, would depend on what segment of society you wish to look at.


Again relates to knowledge. The key difference is that at this level the chakra is concerned with the practical application of a very specific type of knowledge: knowledge of the natural, divine order of things, the laws of reality and creation. Rather than with just the acquisition of any type of knowledge, as is the case at the Mercury level. At the Vulcan level this chakra is concerned with the application of your knowledge of the order of things to yourself, your life path and your actions. As such, what the Vulcan aspect essentially relates to is practical wisdom, wisdom practically applied. It is a very direct, very practical approach. You clearly see what needs to be done, you know how to do it and so you do it. There is a definite, effective minimalism to it: you will do what has to be done effectively and directly with no wasted action, with the minimum of work necessary. At the Vulcan level there is a quiet, steady confidence to this chakra. It lacks the compulsive nature of the Mercury aspect of this chakra which is driven to run around continually collecting knowledge much of which proves to be pointless. Also in contrast to the Mercury aspect, in its Vulcan aspect this chakra involves the communication of knowledge not so much through words but rather through the practical application of that knowledge, through the living of it.


The other half of the material related to how the chakras interacted with the planets, and how this affected the Zodiacal rulerships. This is why we used the December 9th-13th 2003 gateway for that announcement, in fact.

Regards all,
Khain + Aiki-Mei.

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