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Posted By: Aiki-Mei on: 05/22/2006 17:04:20 ET
Subject: The Planet Orpheus, & previous

Message Detail:
Somewhat bemused by the international Scientific community's lack of apparent conscience and credit where credit is due, we shall shortly announce the latest planet to *enter* this Solar System. Observant followers of our work thru the years will recall that WE, IN 2003, AND PUBLICLY (in a way..) and not Brown, Trujillo et all, first announced the existence and discovery of the planets:


Simply renaming those planets:

Vulcan - 2004DW (now Orcar),
Admeitus = Quaoar
Aesclipius = Sedna
Erechtheus = Xena

And then claiming credit for the discovery yourselves is not much of an achievement we would posit. Regarding Brown's claim that Ortiz's Granada-based group accessed his files for 'Santa', the other Kuiper-belt object that Brown et al were *also* seeking to take credit for is rather null considering that we publicly released details on ALL the detailed planets that YOU, Brown, claimed were your discoveries before you yourself did so. We also notified Chad Trujillo of our work, and the further objects to look for, back when the only planets you'd discovered had been Admeitus alone. QED et al, old boy...


The Planet Orpheus, publicly anounced. It is NOT Xena, nor Gabrielle. IT is the Planet Orpheus. Your science cannot track it very effectively yet, so you do not know *where it will end up*. We can though. And so we make this public announcement, here and in other places. Orpheus is a planet which will settle in a slightly elliptical orbit (ie still quite regular, close-to-spheroid) WITHIN Neptune's orbit. IT is also a large planet, bigger than both Neptune and Pluto, but smaller than Uranus.

We, the Japanese claim it. We won't make any more public or formal announcement about it than this though until it is in orbital position STARING YOU IN THE FACE. Why? Well, firstly, we already have the necessary documents and proofs on file in Kobe university. Secondly, we have observed that Western nations and governments are wont to steal ideas and work from their public as a matter of course, then claim it as their own because they, and not their public or independent researchers, operate within the hegemonic commercially-oriented Academic structures. Simply, we want to see how far you are disposed to take such arrogance... Then we'll consequence you for it.

So to summarise: WE name it Planet Orpheus. IT is between 49,528 km and 51,118 km in diameter. It is currently *exiting* (ie completing its transit of) the Kuuiper belt and it will settle into a regular close-to-spheroid (ie nearly circular) orbit between Uranus and Neptune.

Beyond that, go figure... it mei be a gas giant. Or not... It ain't the second sun of this system though, we'll tell ya that for free...

Regards then,
Khain + Aiki-Mei.

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