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Posted By: Silvia Pancaro on: 04/30/2006 23:52:41 ET
Subject: Sedna and the Dolphins in Tanzania

Message Detail:
Hi. I just found you via a Google search for Sedna and I am very impressed with your article on Sedna. I am grief-stricken over the news from yesterday (April 29) about the 400 bottle-nose dolphins washing up dead in Tanzanian coastlines. I don't think I've ever felt as much pain in my heart, other than when the Tsunami hit a couple of years ago, as with this news.

I am just starting to work with Sedna, so any feedback and comments on how you think/feel Sedna and this Dolphin scenario are connected. The only interesting astrological connection I found is that Pluto and Sedna were in orb of a quincux, bringing our attention to an adjustment needing to be made regarding the way we treat and value our ocean, or immanent destruction seems to be at hand. This came on the tail of the Taurus New Moon which really asked us to note what we value and because Consciousness is moving forward (or so my 26 Degree Sagittarius Moon would hope) then I feel that this noting of 'values' is a grand collective requirement..does that make sense?

Did the Dolphins die from the US army's sonar or was it a mass suicide as a way to call attention to deeper issues?

Well, it's late and I'm exhausted, but I hope to check out postings at your site more often, now that I found you!

Peace and blessings,
Silvia Pancaro
Aka: The Flying Mermaid (

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