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Posted By: Larry C. Landers on: 04/12/2006 20:51:21 ET
Subject: 2003 UB 313 and it's influences on the world

Message Detail:
Righ now, 2003 UB 313 is in Aries, and has been there since 1925. Here is a testimony of what I have found with the generations influenced by this planet:

In the late 9th and 10th centuries, when UB 313 was in Aries, the Dark Ages began, and the west Roman Empire fell, to become the Byzantine Empire. When UB 323 was in Pisces in the earlier 9th century, Art of all forms were required by the church in the western Roman Empire, which is now southern europe. Art was huge in the 9th and 10th centuries. May I also note that Mideval Warming began during that time.

In the 1400's, 2003 UB 313 was in Aries. This was the renessance of the byzantine empire, where art was huge in Italy. Those like Leonardo Da Vinci were born with 2003 UB 313 in Aries. Art was still huge. Also, this was the end of the mideval warming period. Also, to note, wars between Christians and Muslims were huge during the fall of Constantinople, and St. Elmo's Fire.

In the 1900's and early-mid 2000's, when UB 313 was, and still is, in Aries, This has been concidered by me as the "Neo Renessance". Art and unique architecture is huge during this period, with large scale skyscrapers at our feet. Also, Music completely transformed from Classical to electronic!! Also, The continuing struggle between Christians and Muslims continues as well. Global Warming is happening now as we speak, very similar to the mideval warming of the 9th century.

All I can say is that this new planet should rule Libra. All the Libra traits Balance, Harmony, Peace, are the ones that were the same through all 3 of those periods.

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