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Posted By: Aristo George on: 02/22/2006 04:32:30 ET
Subject: RE: The Personal/Transpersonal Relationship

Message Detail:
Have you mapped these correspondences to the MerKaBa? (divine light vehicle to the higher realms. "Mer" = Light, "Ka" = Spirit "Ba" = Body)


I am familiar with the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek. There is Mer(Celtic)KaBa(Egyptian), and there is the Hebrew Qabbalah spelling MRKBH, which translates as a universal medium of bodies of living containment, hence the medium of a living form, which is a whole unto itself and a medium of transcendence.

The root Mer, means light but is akin also to the Latin word Mar meaning sea. The sea of light is the quantum field or medium. MerKaBa, is an interesting equation, because to places the Ka in between the body's form (Ba) and the quantum nature of that form.

Ka lies between form and substance in our being in other words. That said, Merkabah or the Chariot is mapped out through the tree of life, which can also be mapped onto a sphere. Perfect mapping only occurs when the abyss of Daath is resolved and the tree attains a perfected symmetric nature.

In this tree there are seven spheres that can be projected in 3 dimensions(center and six directions over three axes). Three spheres are within the central one forming the "Inner Court" of being. The Inner Court is the central alchemical crucible or soul carrier, and contains the three alchemical spheres of the tree, which do not have planetary designations.

The three Inner Court spheres correspond to the alchemical elements of air, fire and water, and the crucible in the center that contains them corresponds to the Moon, which is the carrier of psyche.

The other 11 planets map out over the six directions, with two planets per direction (representing the dual nature of personal/transpersonal dynamics in each case), with the exception of the Sun, which holds a direction unto itself. The mappings essentially complement the original configuration of seven planets as expounded in the Sepher Yetzirah.

The five transpersonal planets are added to the five personals to generate the duality in each direction in the Merkabah body, except for the Sun and Moon, which solely rule one position.

The arrangement is as follows:

Moon in the center, Saturn/Uranus at the top, Jupiter/Neptune at the bottom, Mars/Pluto in the east/front, Sun in the west/back, Mercury/Quaoar in the south/right and Venus/Orcus in the north/left.

This is the mapping I use, and I have found it to be quite useful and effective in meditation.



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