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Posted By: Aristo George on: 02/13/2006 08:05:55 ET
Subject: The Personal/Transpersonal Relationship

Message Detail:

Some of the ideas I have developed in past articles are inspired by the qabbalistic astrological associations of the Sepher Yetzira or Book of Formation. The text refers to the seven planets and their sign rulerships (associating these to the "spheres" of the tree of life, which is another topic altogether).

The text, moreover, associates the presence of a particular planet in a sign of rulership with a certain quality presented as a Hebrew word. The word has a literal translation, but also a numerologic value and letter-by-letter translation, which qualifies the word as a sort of equation or symbol string.

I am mentioning this because a given planet (Saturn for example) rules two signs, and generates two different and complementary qualities in those signs. It happens that the "positive" signs have words literally translated as malignant meanings and the "negative" or feminine signs as benign ones. The exceptions are the Sun and Moon, which rule one sign each and generate both qualities in their corresponding signs of rulership.

After careful examination, it turns out that rulerships in "negative" signs actually generate qualities that act like forces of nature upon the subject, while rulerships in "positive" signs act as forces which demand personal direct individualization of their qualities or their energies degenerate.

For example, Saturn in Capricorn actually generates the quality of life according to the Sepher Yetzirah, and in Aquarius it generates a quality translated as "death", but which is death only if the subject does not take responsibility for the energy (karmically speaking). One energy is received complete, and the other is dependent on individualized generation, in other words.

Thus, the five traditional planets with dual rulerships affect the signs they rule according to polarity. Negative polarity responds as a force of nature upon the subject, and positive polarity as a force of nature that is an element coming into coherence in the dynamics of individuation.

Again, the Sun and Moon are a special case, where a single sign carries both a natural and a "participatory" effect. It is not farfetched to associate these dual qualities with personal and transpersonal modes or planetary properties. Rulership simply representes the most coherent expression of what the corresponding planet represents.

The Sepher Yetzirah was based on the classical system of seven planets. It would be interesting, and perhaps revealing, if one could extend the astrological structure expressed in that text to the modern planetary system.

Since the discovery of new planets disrupted the classical pattern, a new system emerged where planets with dual rulership began splitting their territories with newfound bodies of the solar system. Astrology has officially ascribed rulership to three of these new planets.

Indeed, Jupiter is a personal planet now ruling a "positive" sign, with Neptune now associated with its former "negative" association, and Mars also rules a "positive" with Pluto associated with its former "negative". For these two pairs we notice that personal planet are associated with "positive" signs and transpersonal ones with "negative" signs.

It is tempting to consider this a trend, and extend the association to the pairs Orcus/Venus and Quaoar/Mercury. In fact, I believe that that the association can be extended in this manner, but not before the exception to the rule is understood. This regards the rulerships of the pair Saturn/Uranus, where the personal planet rules a "negative" sign and the transpersonal one a "positive" sign.

As I mentioned, the challenges of newly discovered planets are also challenges of understanding the underlying dynamics of the solar systemic organization as a holistic pattern in terms of its astrological anatomy and physiology.

I also mentioned, in previous commentaries, that I believe astrology to be neither a purely scientific nor a purely "occult" field. I believe it to be a combination of both, where both objective observations and intuition regarding mythic meanings combine in the coherence of understanding it.

From the scientific angle, understanding the overall pattern and its nature can help in predictions- for rulerships regarding new planets- as extensions of that pattern. This is by no means "proof", but it does provide useful avenues of exploration, which are also opportunities of verifying the hypothesis.

If we are linear-minded, the rulership inversion regarding the Saturn/Uranus pair would seem to break the pattern, foiling any assumptions regarding its meaningful extension. Instead of throwing out the hypothesis on the grounds that it doesn't fit parameters of simplicity, however, perhaps we can explore the possibility that the inversion of the presented rulership pattern here has a distinct meaning within the greater pattern of planetary organization.

In my view, the understanding of the meaning of newly discovered planets (at least the two immediately beyond Pluto) is intimately tied with the understanding of the relationship between presonal and transpersonal astrological dynamics in human awareness potential.

As such, the pair Saturn/Uranus is fundamental because it represents the transition boundary between personal and transpersonal planetary dynamics. I believe that there is another transition boundary between Quaoar and the planets further out, and that the greater solar system is comprized of multiple harmonic levels of transpersonalization, but that is another topic.

In the case in mention, and in terms of personal/transpersonal dynamics, Saturn can be seen to represent the boundary of the personal, and the issues it represents involve our relationship with the collective field, our integrity within that field, and the karmic feedback between personal and transpersonal. Saturn addresses personal karma, and that karma is the result of greater feedback from the transpersonal domain. When the planets were known to be only seven that domain was a veritable field of the unknown, and Saturn was the great judge at its threshold. It is interesting that one of the first "roles" of the biblical "Satan" in the old testament was as a judge of humankind.

Correspondingly, as the first real step into the transpersonal, Uranus provides us with a personal handle, the promise of mastering our destiny. It deals with individual freedom on a collective scale. Thus it addresses the transpersonal effects of radical energy transitions in the individual. Another way to say it, is that Uranus represents the coherence of the individual within the transpersonal, and supplies the ability to personally sustain transitional energies.

If the positions of Saturn and Uranus were inverted, the gap between personal and transpersonal would be insurmountable. Thus Saturn is our first taste of the transpersonal and corresponds to a "negative" or feminine sign, and Uranus is where the transpersonal most directly energizes the personal and corresponds to a "positive" or masculine sign.

The personal/transpersonal bridge in the solar system is so important in the evolutionary dynamics of human potential that out of all the comets and asteroids in the solar system, astrologers focused on the one body that happens to provide a singular focused harmonic representing the bridge itself. That body is Chiron.

The leap from personal to transpersonal (the latter also related to the mastery of the flows of destiny), covers an abyss that is harmonically integrated using both the rulership inversion of Saturn and Uranus, and the presence of Chiron. The latter further serves to weave the two ends of the transition together, and also the whole of the transpersonal realm with the personal.

The sign where natal Chiron finds itself can represent how this weaving takes place, and may indicate if there is emphasis in the personal or transpersonal side. And of course, the corresponding house would be the particular domain in an individual existence most sensitive to the need for this weaving. The personal/transpersonal gap can be, therefore, understood as a karmic wound that we must heal, otherwise the energies of coherent individuality would be alienated from those of our greater collective birthright.

Aspects would reveal how the need for this healing relates to other dynamics of self, and transits would be harmonic reminders and/or opportunities to constructively address the issue from a given viewpoint.

I mentioned that I don't believe there is a rulership attribution to Chiron. One can relate it, however, as the bridge between Capricorn and Aquarius. In that sense, one can notice that it stands in opposition to the signs ruled by the Sun and Moon. One can even say that the evolutionary necessity of Chiron challenges the relationship between the Sun and Moon.

In other words, there is a correspondence between Sun/Moon integration and the greater relationship to the transpersonal realm. That is not to say that they are the same, only that to integrate with our transpersonal potential, we must be integrated within at the fundamental Sun/Moon level. Hence, Chiron is not only a body that carries the challenge of integration with transpersonal potential, but it also references that potential at the foundations of our personal being.

Again, the positions and aspects between the two luminaries, their relationship with Chiron, will most likely indicate how the lessons of Chiron affect the fundamental aspects of personal being.

Chiron is symbolized by the evolved Centaur, which is a living paradox. Similarly, the relationship between personal and transpersonal is also a paradox. Up to now, human consciousness as a whole has been polarized toward the personal. The powerful energies of the tran-Saturnian realm were only partially revealed, and it seems that the known new planets had to carry additional energies that often destabilized their effects upon the individual and human collective (especially expressed in "adverse" natal aspects and in transits, both for individuals and collectives such as countries).

Saturn was a natural boundary in the solar system and before planets were discovered beyond it, transpersonal dynamics were forces of inevitable fate under which the individual was literally helpless. The gradual discovery of the next three planets broke the balance and collective instability and change was the result. It is actually a tribute to humanity that we have weathered these changes as well as we have, considering their magnitude and implications. Chiron has played a fundamental role in the latter stages of this weathering, and continues to do so.

Aside for the rulership inversion I described above (where Chiron plays a fundamental role), I believe the two immediately transplutonian planets continue the basic pattern where transpersonal planets correspond to "negative" or feminine signs. Taking into account the other pattern where personals and transpersonals form pairs beginning with Saturn/Uranus and moving inward and outward orbit-wise for the other pairs, it stands to reason that Orcus forms a pair with Venus, and corresponds to Taurus, and Quaoar forms a pair with Mercury, and corresponds to Virgo.

What is interesting is that, according to the Sepher Yetzirah, the quality manifested in Taurus through the influence of its ruler is translated as "grace" and "charm" (in terms of blessing, as in leading a charmed life), and the quality manifested in Virgo by its corresponding ruler is translated as "generative" or "fertile", as in the potential of a seed or pattern to grow and perpetuate itself.

I'd like to note another observation here, this time in terms of an esoteric symbol. Chiron gives us a hint regarding the integration of all the planets, through its Centauric template. This may even relate to an astrological alchemy: Five personal planets can be seen to form an upright pentagram or "star". This is the standing human individuality.

Five transpersonal planets can be seen to form a downward pointing pentagram. It is noteworthy that Saturn and Capricorn have been demonized by Christianity, and that the downward pointing pentagram has also been demonized. Its deeper meaning, however, may simply represent the transpersonal realm grounding into our being. The karmic challenge here is to bring the two five-pointed configurations into balance around a common center. In this center lies the alchemical fusion between Sun and Moon. (The Sepher Yetzirah considers the Sun to represent the energy of our genetic potential, or genetically based individuality, and the Moon to represent the soul-receptacle or psyche).

For whatever it's worth, I believe that to be worthy of moving successfully into the realm beyond the balance of 12 ruling planets (and the 13th integrator/healer Chiron), this ten-pointed centered presence needs to come into coherence within us. Then the human with an integrated Sun and Moon and extending in ten directions will open to the veritable infinitude of the possibilities of the starry sky beyond.



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