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Posted By: Aristo George on: 02/6/2006 16:03:56 ET
Subject: New Planetary Possibilites

Message Detail:

I often wonder in these times of fast-paced developments in all walks of life how astrologers are taking the new astronomical discoveries, (besides what has been written on this site). Do they roll up their sleeves and dive in? Are they waiting for someone to make a move and start making suggestions? Are they researching neoplanetary effects on individual charts? Perhaps it is all of the above.

Astronomers themselves are a bit confused these days, wondering what to call and what not to call a planet. Apparently, the 10th planet is 2003 UB313, Orcus was discovered in 2004, and Quaoar was discovered in 2002. Quaoar is not considered a planet, and I gather neither is Orcus. UB313, however, is larger than Pluto, and hence must be a planet.

Astrology, however, is not astronomy. For astrology the Sun and Moon are planets and so is Chiron. It seems astrology goes by different patterns of understanding than astronomy.

Chiron was discovered after Pluto, although its orbit is between Saturn and Uranus. UB313 was discovered before Orcus, although it is farther away. The question that arises here is: can the order of discovery provide astrologers a hint as to how human consciousness relates to the planets discovered?

I mentioned in a previous message that I believe Chiron was discovered when it was, for a reason, even though its orbit does not go beyond Pluto. I believe it revealed a pattern in humanity that represented a preparation for Pluto's transcendence, and may indicate that to effect that transcendence we need to bring the planets up to and including Saturn, and the planets up to and including Pluto, into a deeper integration. In other words, Chiron tells us where and how to heal the internal rifts that prevent karmic integration of the transpersonal within the personal.

Thus the lessons and nature of Chiron may have to do with bridging the personal to the transpersonal, and individual meaning to collective meaning.

I do not dispute all that has been written about and proposed regarding Chiron. Chiron is the healer, a source of wisdom and understanding of suffering. I would simply like to suggest that the issues that Chiron resonates within us may correspond to bringing harmony between the personalized domains of the first seven planets and the more generational and transpersonal influences of the three outer planets.

Of course the bodies beyond Pluto were discovered within a few years of each other or less. In terms of prior discoveries, they were practically revealed at the same time! The floodgates have opened and astronomers are claiming that hundreds of planet-like objects lie in the transplutonian Kuper belt!

Hundreds of planets! If all these become incorporated into a personal chart, one can imagine that it may in some cases end up covering the full circumference of the ecliptic. Individuals could easily have stelliums of tens of planets, not to mention the accumulated aspect patterns.

If I was an astrologer I would be tempted to simply pray that the Kuper belt objects are discovered after my lifetime!

Yet, even being an amateur I cannot help but roll up my sleeves and dive in. For example, I discovered Orcus in happens to fill a slot in my chart where it completes a complex but precise aspect pattern with six other planets. By moving to understand Orcus in my own way, and applying that understanding, all of the sudden a bunch of loose fragments came together and made sense. All of the sudden I had a solution to understanding myself that always evaded me before, one that I am currently applying successfully.

I do agree with the webmaster that it is perhaps prudent to not rush into making sense of everything at once (in theory). In practice I want to do just that. So I figured that perhaps a compromise is in order, at least as far as I'm concerned. So I looked at the patterns.

Back in the day when there were seven planets, aside from the Sun and Moon, which hold a primary position of significance, the rest of them held dual rulerships. There was a nice symmetry to that until Uranus was discovered, and then Neptune and Pluto.

The symmetry was broken, and some planets ruled a single sign and others two signs. Since then it seems astrologers have been looking forward to new discoveries to reestablish rulership symmetry. Pythagorian astrologers posited that just as there are 12 signs, there must be 12 planets ruling them.

They never considered that there may be hundreds more! Still, I believe the symmetries are important. One may break the configuration of 12 sign ruling planets down to three parts. The sun and moon might belonging to the first, the five personal planets to the next, and the five transpersonals to the third. This is purely organizational.

Planets beyond the 12 required for a one to one zodiac rulership are in another category, and perhaps that is the category where we may need to hold off. If we understand the 12 as a whole sector of influence, we may come to the conclusion that the final five may not be transpersonal after all (at least not any more), but that collectively we have managed to expand personal potential to include them.

In other words, where the influences of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto for example represented radical and deep aspects in the personality, they may now be far more integrated as more acceptable parts of the personal ego. For example, someone with Uranian, Neptunian and/or Plutonian traits strong in their chart, may have been considered far mor strange or different in the past (when the corresponding planets were already discovered), than now that symmetric completion has followed the revelations and wisdom of Chiron.

It is my view that in the past 30 years, the collective attitude to transpersonal traits has undergone a transformation, although it is probably too early for this to be clearly apparent. Scientific and revolutionary genius was approached differently (although it has had the longest period of adaptation in social consciousness), psychic ability was approached differently and even the Plutonian under-conscious influences were approached differently, until 30 years ago when Chiron brought about a paradigm shift that is still being digested and whose effects are still not clear.

One of the reasons, in my opinion, they are not clear is because the transpersonals did not reach symmetric completion. Although distinct, the five planets beyond Saturn form their own sub-system with respect to the traditional personal planets.

The first seven planets have orbits less than 50 years. Uranus' orbit nears the century mark and Qauoar takes nearly three centuries to orbit the Sun. Then we have another jump in orbital distance to UB313, which is around half a millenium.

To me the differences are significant. It seems to reflect an increase in what might be called karmic capacity. What does this mean? It is said that yoga can accelerate the process of individual evolution from several lifetimes to one. This seems to imply that we can only mature so much in one life time, that we could assimilate only so much understanding, and so much transformation unless we underwent the dynamics of yoga.

These days, however, the average individual has the capacity of cross-cultural contact, of a variety of experiences and knowledge, of things available that the ancients could not even dream of. It seems the shear quantity of experience available to the average person has radically increased, and so it stands to reason that the corresponding capacity to digest and assimilate that experience, to grow from it or grow corrupted by it has also increased.

Certainly, anyone from ancient times would be overwhelmed by the modern world, which we take for granted. And now that the millenium has turned, more planets have been discovered widening even more our capacity, although we are stressed to accomodate it.

It is no coincidence to me that Orcus and Quaoar that complete the 12 are close to Pluto's orbital radius. They complete gaps in human potential manifested as karmic issues of the past century, and also alert to the need to assimilate those issues in a new framework.

I can speculate, as can anyone, about UB313 or Sedna or any other new planet of the Kuper belt discovered. And although I enjoy speculation, when it comes to Orcus and Quaoar, I feel a deeper need to understand as if that understanding fulfills an inner void. I feel that the outer orbit of 285 years of what I consider to be the 12th astrological planet with sign rulership, marks a threshold of karmic capacity that needs to be claimed.

There is much to learn in that claiming, and I believe that solutions to many of society's fundamental issues are concealed in the mysteries of Orcus and Qauoar, which need to be integrated with the already familiar astrological spectrum. To me, these mysteries mark an even greater threshold represented by the planets even farther away in combination with the impending cascade of discoveries in the void of the Kuper belt.

For now, however, 12 planets and the catalytic 13th, which is Chiron, are more than enough or rather just enough, to complete a much needed coherence of human potential.



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