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Posted By: Aristo George on: 02/3/2006 07:59:21 ET
Subject: New Science and Astrology

Message Detail:

Here is the message I posted as a reply to Jay below in case it is missed.

Thank's for your encouraging reply. Being used to how touchy many scientists are when someone out of their field tries to put forth another point of view, I was prepared for reactions of outrage to my presentations.

I mentioned I was excited about the new developments in astrology, being interested in it for decades. I am also excited because there are parallel discoveries in cosmological science that can be highly useful to astrology.

Although, mainstream scientists scoff at astrology, the fault lies with science (in my opinion) and not with astrology. Astrology has tried to explain itself in modern times using the acceptable scientific paradigm, and we have to face that the particular paradigm and astrology make poor partners.

Naturally, the scientists blame astrology which deals with the effects of complex systems (planets, stars etc) upon other complex systems (humans, events etc) without a mediating technology (instrument) to "measure" those effects and quantify them.

In my view, we either change and expand the definition of science (unlikely, as it is like asking Christianity to accept more than one Christ), or we admit that astrology is not a science according to the rigorous definition of such.

Science has provided much to modern civilization, but that does not mean its representatives should consider everything not under its immediate ideological domain as meaningless.

Astrology is a bridging field between science and intimate contact with one's own psyche. And regardless of questions relating to the mortal or immortal nature of psyche, while we live it is a function of body dynamics. As psyche is non-quantifiable(although very real), it is through body (feelings, thoughts and sensations can all be traced to body dynamics) that it is revealed, expressed and contacted.

Science, originally promted by dualistic religious concepts, divorces body from psyche or denies psyche altogether simply because it cannot directly quantify and hence "box" it and control it.

Beguiled and hypnotized by the mechanistic wonders of science, we have come to popularly identify the body as a machine, and the Creative Cause(s) behind the body and all manifestation either as another "mechanism" (that science identifies as "nature") or as a behind the scenes Master Engineer, Omniscientist, Megamanager and Supreme Judge, projected straight out of an inflated masculine social ego.

In my view, such a blatant attempt to tailor reality to the egoistic demands of a dominant social paradigm is immature and petty if not downright primitive and barbaric. From a real scientific view (a view of clear insight and reason) it is folly to believe that living conscious beings sprang out of a dead, random environment or that an arbitrary Omni-ego created a dead environment so as to populate it with little ego versions of itself, like a sick child playing a sick game.

An objective assessment would come to the conclusion that what is most likely is that if we are alive and conscious and organismic and complex, so is the environment out of which we sprang. And since we have failed in all our attempts to quantify our own consciousness, surely we cannot expect to easily identify quantifiable factors of life and organismic purpose in the universe.

The truth is scientists (and I am referring to the mainstream establishment or scientific "institution" and not all individuals- who must tow the line or lose their jobs in most cases) would deny their own consciousness and life if they could. They have sure tried.

In my view, the official scientific attitude is not wrong, since it represents a particularly useful way of exploring reality. What is wrong is that science extends beyond its bounds and purpose, claiming authority over territories of discovery it has no right to confine to its dictates, since they extend beyond its proclaimed ways and means.

It is also wrong to be intimidated by science. Science is the pursuit of objective quantifiable knowledge, and the exploration of ways to apply that knowledge in an objective matter. This is useful, admirable and commendable. It does not make scientists gods of truth, nor the ultimate judges of what is real and what is not.

The good news is that some scientists are beginning to view the cosmos in a new way. The establishment is actually not attacking these pioneers because time and again they have explained what the established view cannot.

The establishment simply ignores them until those in high places can find a way to claim the discoveries for themselves. This is not a cynical view, but pretty standard procedure for officialdom.

In particular, the official paradigm places gravity as the primary causal force in the cosmic macrocosm. The new paradigm (actually put forth over half a century ago), proposes that the true dominating dynamic is electrical.

It is beyond the scope of this message for me to explain the theory. However, I do recommend the following site for anyone interested:

The link connects to one part of the total site, and I recommend exploration of the whole site, including the links. I recommend it because astrology is challenged to go back to its roots and understand its fundamental patterns and the meanings behind those patterns. The material is pretty clearly stated for the layperson.

The discovery of new planets, and the equally important new cosmological paradigms offer opportunities not only to integrate greater expanses of the solar system into the human individual and collective psyche, but to pull out all the old dusty "tried and true" assumptions and refresh and renew them.

In this way, astrologers may be amazed to discover hidden potentials in their field that can open doors of truth and wonder they never dreamed possible.

Let me elaborate just a bit. According to the emerging paradigm, plasma connects all bodies in the cosmos into a giant electric cirucuit, more akin to a neural net than any wire-based technology. In the solar system gravity plays a role because large bodies are relatively close together. In the galaxy and beyond the distances make gravity weak and electrical forces strong. Yet even in the solar system planetary orbital stability is largely determined by electrical forces as well as gravitic ones. In fact gravity can be understood as a result of electrical polarities at the subatomic level of matter.

Every star is connected in a network that fuels the stellar energy and fire, fuelled by the glactic center, in turn fueled by metagalactic sources. There is no nuclear furnace in the sun, it is powered like a capacitor from the galactic circuit and metagalactic circuit. The solar wind is charged, every planet and every comet and asteroid is charged.

Plasma is called the fourth element, and a material sea of charges forms a dance of polarized forces that many scientists have commented is indistinguishable from the complexity of life. In fact, it is reasonable to say that plasma aligns molecules to interact according to its complex dynamics, and hence organizes them into a biological life dynamic that is in its patterned image.

Opposing charge dynamics between the sun and planets, and varying charge dynamics between the planets themselves modulate the complex patterns of the plasma sea in the solar system like speakers creating a stereophonic sound field.

Electrical forces connect the sun to the planets and every planet to every other. The electrical force varies with changes in distance so the complex patterns (forming an electric field hologram) change solar system wide with orbital motion, and the motions of comets and other bodies.

Biological processes are also based on electrical dynamics. Proteins are like molecular threads whose dance depends on electric fields. How they dance determines where and how they will connect in cellular structures, and what genes they will activate. The earth is bathed in these same fields that constitute a literal harmonic complexity that is veritably musical.

We are bathed 24/7 in this ever-changing musical hologram. A growing fetus is shielded by the mother's field just as we are shielded in the womb of the earth from unbearable cosmic intensities. However, the earth is like a capacitor and the dance at the upper atmospheric levels still carries its pattern to all that walk its surface, reside in its waters and to anything that lies beneath it.

To a degree this modulation also occurs with a fetus in the womb. However, the mother's protection is enough so the dominant pattern is always the mother's which encourages growth and change free of any final solidifying patterns. When the baby leaves the womb upon birth it is exposed to a drastic increase in field dyanmics, and that first contact (like any early natal experience) imprints the bio-dynamic foundations for all the metabolic dances that follow.

Gravity is too simple and too weak a force to account for the shear complexity of astrological effects. Plasma (which need not be intense and luminous and influences everything)can form a holographic web that dances in a manner so complex scientists have mused that it could easily be conscious.

The sun is connected through plasma streams to the galactic center. Plasma streams from other stars tone the solar system plasma sphere, just as the sun and other planets tone the earth. These streams are not only power conduits but complex pattern carriers of resonant information downloaded into all matter in its path.

Plasma theory can explain not only astrology, but the effects of the human aura, thought transfer, "anti-gravity" which is really a function of the electrical force, and morphic fields connecting every biological organism to every other with particular resonant harmonics for each species (group mind or soul).

Orbital planes of planets form plasma sheets, and the intersections of orbital paths (nodes) generate standing waves of charges like holographic images within the greater field. Comets and planets are charged oppositely to the solar wind not just upon their bodies, but along the orbital paths themselves which form circuits within the solar system, as every planet and especially comets leave a wake of charged molecules along the paths they traverse.

Its all about holographic patterns to which biology responds as a dancer responds to music. The dancer decides how to dance, but the music sets the tempo and mood.

Of course, science is not going to go out of its way to explain astrology. It is up to astrologers to understand the implications of electric universe theory for their field, because modern astrologers may be challenged to understand new influences and re-evaluate the old, but they are potentially equipped with a far more effective arsenal to do so.

They have the advantage of ancient wisdom and the support of modern discovery, and that is a powerful combination.

What does this ramble have to do with outer planets and the new discoveries? Consider this: A transplutionian planet has always been there, and has always contributed to the solar system hologram toning the planetary field.

A closer planet has always been there as well. Like gravity, the electrical force weakens with distance. However, we are dealing with a systemic holographic pattern and even slight changes in one planetary variable alter the whole pattern.

Electric Universe theory implies that an astrology chart is not a sum of point influences but a total unifed field of influence. The points are simply references to understand the whole.

Thus, the significance of a planets charge is not so much a function of its orbital radius, but a function of its effect on the solar systemic hologram and how the earth absorbes that effect.

For millenia astrologers were aware of some planets, while others remained unobserved. There is a difference here because awareness implies feedback. When you are conscious of an influence, you also make conscious choices regarding that influence. You work with it, in other words, and share an interactive relationship with the influence.

When you are unaware, it works upon you and that is it. It is like being unable to dance with a partner because you deny their presence. Your toes are bound to get stepped on. With an unrecognized planet, the influence is there, but only as part of the background noise of environmental causality.

For astrologers or astronomers to become aware of a planet, they must also on some deep level feel that planet's influence (although not necessarily in a conceptual manner). Collectively, the planet stimulates and at some point humanity is aware of feeling it as its conscious potential expands. At some level, humanity poses the question: "What the heck is that? I feel this "something", but I cannot put my finger on it?"

During these times when the frontier potential expands, new discoveries are made, new trends are established, the options are presented as well as new challenges and very often new conflicts and upheavals. Often a new planet is discovered as this is going on, because the complexity of human society has increased to open space to accomodate what was formerly environmental background noise into its conscious destiny pathways.

One might say that humanity collectively discovers the planet (or the harmonic pattern the planet represents) within itself, and so can recognize it without. As such, astrology provides an advantage because it provides a context of understanding the significance of the new frontiers into which society evolves, and can ground them on the personal level of meaning as well as in a social framework.

This argument may not have been obvious a few centuries ago, but today we know that Pluto was discovered in 1930, but planets at orbital distances proximal to Pluto and equally bright, were not noticed for three quarters of a century despite all the technology available.

The Mayans were observing and recording the motions of Uranus in the sky a thousand years before Europeans "discovered" it. Ancient astrologers had observatories where they constantly scowered the heavens. Why were the Mayans (I do not know if the Chinese were also aware of it) able to see Uranus, and the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans remained in ignorance?

One reason, perhaps, was because they did not want to find it. Their sacred cosmology centered around seven planets, and anything else would disrupt the status quo. There were seven steps in the Ziggurat (sacred stepped pyramid), seven colors, seven musical tones, seven planets and seven sacred directions (four on the horizontal plane, up, down and center).

Everything was nice and tidy and predictable. We know from remnants in the ancient library of Alexandria that technological, architectural and medical advances were at least at the level they were a few hundred years ago, and some cannot even be reproduced today.

Yet, technology back then remained a curiosity with which inventors pandered to the ruling classes. Wars and new religions eventually caused that knowledge to disappear. Thus, the West not only ignored, but flat out rejected Uranus until a few centuries ago.

Perhaps it was not its time. Perhaps, aside from a few cultural exceptions Uranus had demands that humanity could not meet until a few centuries ago. It seems Saturn is a stabilization boundary in human potential. If you seek to transcend Saturn then you must be prepared to go all the way (karmic responsability is what Saturn teaches).

A society that does not complete the picture of its potential response-ability is an unstable society (as we can see today given world events), because it is an incomplete society. It may be no coincidence that the Mayans who stopped at Uranus disappeared as a culture of power and prominence into the mists of history.

At the present time, like it or not, we are beyond Pluto. The awesome and feared Pluto is no longer the frontier of our collective conscious human potential. Yet, we seem to be in limbo assuming that every new frontier will only increase the "risk of the unknown".

It is worthwhile here to present a quote from HP Lovecraft, an author writing around the time of Pluto's discovery:

"The most merciful thing in the world ... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents... The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but someday the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality... That we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age."
- H. P. Lovecraft

Fortunately for humanity, Pluto does not tolerate stagnation in the name of conservation. Pluto, as a symbol and representation of patterns of realized potential, is not the dark void we fear, but the light in that void that tells us that there is now no turning back.

Like the sorcerer's apprentice, by the time we reach Pluto we know too much, and had better get some widom fast to balance the knowledge! Pluto demands faith, and its demands are immediate and adamant because the answers we need are right there. We do not have to travel untold distances into the horrendous unknown to find the answers.

This is indicated by how close two of the newly discovered planets are to Pluto's orbit. Each planet complements the seeming inconsistencies of the planet before it. Those inconsistencies are actually unrealized influences.

Pluto's inconsistencies may be more than those of previous planets because its proximity to Orcus and Quaoar make it part of a complementary equation of influence.

All of the sudden Pluto's discovery has moved us to transcend Neptune's nebulosity, and has given us a higher place to sit. Yet the new seat is like a stool with just one leg. We are ready to topple and cry out in despair, while all this time two legs lie in front of us just waiting to be screwed on and stabilize our position.

I mentioned in my last posting that I believe patterns are important in astrology. Just as Saturn was a harmonic weigh station, so is the triad of Pluto, Orcus and Quaoar. We now have twelve planets corresponding to twelve signs. Chiron is also undeniably important as I mentioned, but I believe it corresponds to the wisdom of bridging the inner with the outer planetary influences in our lives.

Comets and asteroids may all play such a bridging role, and it would be interesting if their meanings could be understood in terms of integrating the challenges of the major planetary influences. I believe that when we cannot absorb the evolutionary meaning and message of an astrological body it tends to result in a less than benign interpretation in the psyche.

Ancient Pythagorian philosophers posited that the planets must be 12 because the gods were twelve. Imagine an ancient finding a twelfth planet, and then more beyond it. What would they say? They would probably advise to ingnore the rest because they do not fit the nice and tidy picture just completed.

Science tends to react the same way to new ideas that challenge the existing order. We tend to view our paradigms of understanding (and lal our traditions)as buildings that must be torn down if we want to consider building new ones. If anyone came and told me I had to tear down my house to build another one in its place, I would protest pretty strongly! They would have to drag me kicking and screaming from my front yard!

That's the problem with rigid belief systems, they tend to corner you into inevitable conclusions and lose-lose situations. Why is the existing order a "structure"? Why cannot it not be an organism that grows and matures? Imagine a parent hacking their child to bits so an adult can pop up in its place!

The current paradigm does not seem to hold the understanding that we are a product of an environment and hence by all rational standards we should be coherent and in harmony with that environment, if not now then that is the whole point of evolution, to take us to that coherence. We are, after all, not born adult. To get there we have to pass through an often difficult and confusing puberty.

Instead a more rational organic understanding or our existential condition, we are presented as a product of either cold and indifferent causalities or outright malignant ones (often posing as benign parental models to be worshipped). We seem to be in the position of an abused child who views all adults in an unfavorable light, and then grows to be just like them.

Perhaps free plasma has resonated a living image of itself in the molecular patterns of terrestrial biology. However, free plasma is not as much under the constraints of entropy that confine terrestrial molecules. Perhaps terrestrial consciousness, yes as humanity, has a challenge to integrate that entropy with the freedom of its parental causality. Perhaps it can then resolve the entropy problem for the universe at large and be the pride of its parental cause.

These are simply musings and meditations upon the vistas of potential offered by today's astrologically applied discoveries. Reality is far more involved than any description can present, and all I wish is to express my own enthusiasm for what I consider a wonderous time to be alive, even considering the challenging (to say the least) state of affairs in this world.

Thanks, Jay for the encouragement, and I hope my rambling did not become too tiresome.



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