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Quaoar and Makemake have more in common than might first be obvious. True, each are newly-discovered planets in the Kuiper belt way outside Neptune, and each named after a creator god of an indigenous tribe.

But it's their orbits which grab one's attention. While their annual orbits around the Sun are straight-forward enough, Quaoar 285 years and MakeMake 309 years, their relationship in the standard geocentric astrological ephemeris is nothing short of stunning with profound implications for mundane astrology, the astrology of world events, and in this case even the evolution of human civilization.

ADVISORY:   we're going to be slogging about in some fairly thick astrological jargon here. But if you're game for that sort of thing, here we go.

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to view the annual 1700-year combined Quaoar-Makemake ephemeris which is the basis of this webpage. Currently this is the longest available ephemeris for these two planets.

While the two individual planets take 285 or 309 years to rotate around the Sun, in the standard geocentric ephemeris used by astrologers it takes them approximately 3,740 years to rotate around each other.

The math here is pretty ferocious, which is why I've included the link at the right to the ephemeris printout. Here's a quick summary of the astrological aspects between these two Creator god planets which you will find if you care to wade about in the ephemeris long enough:

  • Sextile (60), waning:  399C.E.-400C.E. - exact *

  • Conjunction (0):  the 850s C.E., the 960s C.E., and the 1030s C.E. - exact in Scorpio, Aries, and Cancer respectively

  • Sextile (60), waxing:  1473 C.E.,  1570 C.E.,  1709-1712 C.E. - exact

  • Quintile (72), waxing:  1503-1505,  1747/48,  1818-1823,  1847-1851, - exact;
                  1916   121' orb,   1942   115' orb

  • Square (90), waxing:  1787,  1875-1877,  2031/32 - exact

  • Trine (120), waxing:  2092/93 - exact * *

* The ephemeris begins here, but the waning sextile would have had at least two earlier exact dates in addition to the date given here.
** The ephemeris runs out here, but the waxing trine will be exact on at least two more separate dates in the early 2100s.

Well, if your eyes haven't glazed over just yet, let's look at what this alphabet soup of numbers might mean.

My view is that the mutual relationship between the two creator god planets within their current 3740-year cycle gives us a series of milestones to measure the evolution of human society out of the swamp of the dark age into the beginning of a new upward growth of society and hence humanity to a higher vibration.

And how are we measuring up, according to these milestones?

Reasonably well up to the end of the 19th Century, but then in the 20th Century we fumbled the ball rather badly. In plain English, as a species and a civilization we have some rather serious remedial work to complete well before the 2030s or there's trouble, big trouble actually, and the trouble begins sooner rather than later.

Brace yourself for the thick (and lengthy) astrological jargon which follows to support these generalized conclusions. Fair warning, if you have never studied astrology, much of this may be incomprehensible. But if you have studied astrology or perhaps you're just plain curious about where these two new planets say our civilization is headed, dive in.

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